Gifts of Dirt Garden

The Gifts of Dirt Garden began with a dream among friends, grew with hard work, delight, and the support of many, and just recently fulfilled its mission with its first delivery, the first of many, to local food bank Helpline. Read on for just a taste of the garden and visit for the entire story.

Make sure to attend the Garden Blessing & Plant Sale on May 2! Contact Pegge Ashcroft for more information, including directions, and to inquire about volunteering and contact Kathie McCarthy for more information.

Text, below, by Kathie McCarthy; photos by Pegge Ashcroft and Kathie McCarthy.

This garden is dedicated to growing food for local food banks. It is a place to learn, laugh, and be together. We hope in the months to come that it will provide sustenance of all kinds - hard work, community connection, new learning and finally good food.

During the Fall of 2020, a group of friends were gathered outside around the fire as we’d done now and again throughout the pandemic. The conversation turned to a piece of land nearby that had been farmed for three years but was losing its farmer.

We looked at one another and said, “Why not?” We knew we were hungry for connection and company. We knew others were hungry for food.

We discovered that the Outreach Committee at Grace Church was willing to provide us with funds for seeds, heat mats, silage tarp and trellising as well as for the purchase of the existing hoop house. The owner of the land welcomed us, asked for a nominal fee for rent and is covering the cost of irrigation. The former farmer is generously sharing her knowledge as are other local farmers.

This support is allowing us to start Gifts of Dirt Garden. We are grateful and appreciative and learning fast!

February 2021:  The dream begins to turn into reality with cover crop & compost.
A Little Help from our Friends
"Thank you.  Thank you to each and every person. . .Great gratitude to strong backs of all ages!"

Many Hands
"Tea time with cookies was pretty sweet too!"

April 2021:  First Delivery to Helpline!