An Invitation to Participate in the Corona Multimedia Showcase, a worldwide collection, from Danni Minteer

Dear Fellow Grace Members,

By way of introduction, when I retired from my career as an English, Social Studies and Special Ed teacher in secondary education, I was honored to be invited to join the board of ActionforMediaEducation, AME, affiliated with the UW College of Education Northwest Center  for Excellence in Media Literacy Education.  AME was influential in consulting with both OSPI and legislators who developed and sponsored the bill that mandated media literacy, digital citizenship and internet safety be included in K-12 curriculums in Washington public school and the state has lead the way nationally in this area.

Three years ago when I joined AME’s board, I never could have imagined I would be living in the midst of a pandemic and involved in developing a project, the Corona Multimedia Showcase, that was conceived to invite children, youth and their families to share their experience of Covid-19 and find something positive, hopefully joyful, in the creative process during an extraordinarily stressful time.  Initially intended as a Seattle area or statewide project, within a few weeks the Showcase, like the pandemic, itself,  became international in scope with several international affiliates, area directors in multiple countries and the website translated into multiple languages.
Image:  Visit the Corona Multimedia Showcase site here
For me the opportunity to become involved with the Corona Multimedia Showcase has been both a professional and personal blessing.  Perhaps, like so many of you I am guessing, I miss my family members and friends and yearn to see my grandsons, 9 and 11, who live in Iowa City with my younger  daughter.  At the time the Showcase was being developed, I was sending lesson plans to my daughter to help with some of her home schooling.  What a fantastic way to get to know my grandsons in unexpected ways!  

Check out the suggested prompts under “Ideas for Age Groups” on the website and you might learn something new about your family members too, as I did with my grandsons.   They provided valuable feedback for the Showcase and a window into their world for me.  

Look at the abundance of “Media Choices” and think of the creative gifts that your potential contributors to the Showcase possess.  What an opportunity to share and inspire hope and a sense of community around the world. We are, indeed, “All in this together.”  My grandsons each made a video to encourage other youth to participate.  In addition, the section on “”Resources” is a wonderful guide and introduction to media literacy, itself, for parents and children to navigate the digital world and social media. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm with you for a project that has meant so much to me.  I think just viewing the contributions in so many languages that arrive from around the world is an incredible learning experience for all of us.  There is a possibility the present deadline to submit is going to be extended as the list of countries contributing continues to expand.

Best regards,

Danni Minteer