Where Grace is this Week

Love looks like all of us — people of every race and religion and national origin and political affiliation — standing up and saying “Enough! We can do better than this. We can be better than this.”  --Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, The Washington Post, May 31 2020

Here are ways to find each other at Grace this week:

  • Offer Prayers of Lament:

At Grace all week, printed prayer resources are available under the overhang immediately outside the office door. (Access them online here. )  As you walk Grace's labrynth or trails in prayer, you may choose to leave a stone of lament in our memorial garden as a sign of your prayers. Those stones will be incorporated into our worship on June 7.

God of consolation,
we bring you our aching hearts: open your heart to us.
We bring you our questioning minds: show us your thoughts and your ways.
We bring you our anger and despair: show us your compassion and patience.
We bring you our fear; show us your steadfastness.
We bring you our aloneness; show us your companionship.
We bring you our weariness: show us your new life.
We bring you our failure: show us your forgiveness.
We bring you our grief: show us your embrace.
We bring you our emptiness: show us your abundance.
We bring your our tears: show us your face.
We bring you our fragility: show us your tenderness.
We bring you our hunger: feed us now and evermore.
Give us the courage to face a new day, hope to live in your time, and the wisdom to seek and work for change in your world. Amen.
(Adapted from a prayer written by Samuel Wells & Abigail Kocher.) 

I wish I had my Sunday School kids today, during the devastation of the pandemic and the terrifying images of murder and protest. I would tell that I am lost, too, but from the wise old pinnacle of my years, I would assure them that we can trust God no matter how things look and how long things take. The pain inside us and right in front of us in nothing compared to the power of love that surrounds us. --Anne Lamott, from a post to Facebook, May 31, shared by a Grace member