Some Resources for Learning About Racial Equity


In a letter to Grace members, the Rev. Wren Blessing, our priest, wrote words last week that resonated deeply with me and so many of us:

We grieve, listening to the voices of those who cry out in our nation’s streets because they cannot breathe. We grieve, hearing our neighbors describe pervasive racism and death-dealing violence that is not new, that has been woven into our ways of thinking and acting for generations. We grieve, recognizing profound racial disparity in systems that sustain life and bring health, and in our current COVID-19 infection rates.

It is hard to watch pain publicly expressed without turning away, and it is upsetting to name the ways our own actions contribute to others' pain. Now is a time to listen to the pain of our neighbors with humility and openness. Now is a time to listen with sustained, prayerful presence. 

As Wren wrote in her letter, we are working with leaders and the Faith Formation Committee to create opportunities for dialogue, learning, and grieving racial injustice in our country.  In the meanwhile, there's a need to connect with others to discuss and reflect together.  Here are just a few resources.  Thank you to you, our Grace community, for sharing some of these with us, and please add more:
  • Join us for prayer and discussion:  Please join us in Sunday worship as we sing and pray together.  I encourage you too to join our midweek service and Bible Study to pray for our leaders, ourselves, our community and our country.  I invite you to come to our Thursday book study on Eugene Cho's book, Thou Shalt Not be a Jerk, which coaxes us to ask the sometimes uncomfortable questions of what it means to be a Christian who wants change in a complicated, tense political climate. (Read more about these invitations on our website). 
  • Reflect:  I invite you to journal about what challenges you in books like the ones above.  Reflect on questions like these:  What does anti-racist work look like for each person? Can we help each other discern and take action? What support do we need as we figure it all out?
  • Share:  If you've come across great resources yourself, please share them by learning a comment on our blog.
And please stay tuned for more opportunities from your church community.

With love,