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A Blessing for Mothers and All Who Nurture

bertie and kim

For Mothers and All Who Nurture
To you who bring great delight to your children,
may you feel the joy of those who delight in you.
To you who carry you children in your arms or in prayer,
may you be held by the love of your community.
To you who nurture your children in times of abundance and scarcity,
may your soul be nurtured greatly.
To you who named your children,
may you remember your true name.
To you who create much out of little,
may you find your gifts multiplied in abundance.
To you who plead for your children,
may your prayers be answered.
To you who strive to instill excellence and kindness,
may you be filled with peace.
To you who wander in the valley of loss and disappointment,
may you find comfort.
May your cup be filled again, and running over.
To you who parent alone,
may you find great strength, patience, and perseverance.
To you who build seek a community of love for your family,
May you receive great sustenance every step of the way.
To you who miss your mother,
may you find quiet space for gratitude and remembrance.
To you who let go of your children,
may you let go with gentleness, and may you be accepting of grace.
To all of you who nurture,
may you experience delight in your love.
And may you be strengthened in your journey.


Diane said…
Kim, this is beautiful. Thank you.