In the Garden: A Note from Nancy Peregrine

I asked Nancy Peregrine if I could share a portion of her email to the Alder Tribe.  I resonated with her sense of connection in the garden, as I'm sure many of you will.  All the photos are of Nancy's garden--enjoy!  If you're missing strolls in gardens besides your own, like Bloedel Reserve, check out this link.

How I miss you all!  And I miss Grace in person and hugs and laughter with others, and I could go on.  I’m having to look at the calendar to see what day it is because they all seem the same.  I realize that I feel that I’m living in suspended animation - just floating in life and not feeling it. Oh, there’s plenty to keep me busy in the garden, the kitchen, mask making, and chores, etc, but it all has a sense of disconnected unreality. Only in the garden do I feel close to normal. There is connection.
There I see God emerging in every leaf bud and bumblebee.  Seeds are sprouting and creating such a sense of reverence as they become carrots or zinnias and feed butterflies and us.  Then I remember that we all are the seeds and the flower which becomes a seed again and again. It reminds me that we are constantly being regenerated - especially now.  It’s with a sense of wonder that I picked one each of my tulips blooming in my little yard right now. If you look at my garden photos, you’ll see one each of 18 different kinds of tulips flinging color and shouting, "We’re here.  We’re all here.  God is here.  We matter."