"Wondering What to Do?" Sources shared by the Pastoral Care Team

Florrie Munat of Grace's Pastoral Care Team has crafted a list of sources for those of us who suddenly find ourselves at home (and that's most of us!).

In these days of COVID-19, some of us find ourselves searching for new ways to occupy our time beyond binge-watching “The Office” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” Others of us are busier than ever with job challenges or taking care of children who are home from school. But all of us can use a break for self-renewal and connection with others. Grace’s Pastoral Care Team offers this miscellany of resources for learning, enjoyment, prayer/meditation, and connection. This is by no means a complete or even representative list! We hope you’ll add your own ideas in the comment section at the end! --Florrie

  • Outdoor Resources
Grace Grounds – Walk the Grace labyrinth (in the upper parking lot), or roam the trails. Meditate or journal in the Memorial Garden.

Bainbridge Island Parks – Enjoy the more frequented parks like Battle Point, Waterfront, or Fort Ward; and the quieter ones like Manzanita or Hawley Cove. 

  • Online Spiritual Resources
Grace Sermon Archive 
Over 200 recorded homilies by 45 speakers (from Bishop Greg Rickel to Kids of Grace) from 2012-2020

Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes (Pastor Steve)
Daily meditations: https://www.unfoldinglight.net/

Henri Nouwen

Pray As You Go 
App available on Google Play & the App Store)

Talks and meditations
Prayerful reflection on the events of the day led by Father James Martin, SJ
  • Podcasts
TED Talks 
There are hundreds of these. Check out your favorites such as Brene Brown, Bryan Stevenson (Equal Justice Initiative, author of Just Mercy), David Brooks.

Krista Tippett “On Being”
Award-winning podcast examines what it calls the, "animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?”

  • On TV
Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (interviews)
11:00am-noon, Xfinity Channel 220 (OWN Oprah Winfrey Network) 
Can also subscribe to podcasts or listen online.

CBS Sunday Morning (features)
7:00-8:30am, Xfinity Channel 7 or 107 HD (CBS network)
  • Books & Virtual Book Groups
Download free books from the Kitsap Regional Library

Start a virtual book group by asking others to read or listen to a book with you and then discuss via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom. 

  • Miscellaneous Ways of Connecting to Others
Gratitude Partners
Some people from Grace who walked the Camino de Santiago together have established a daily “gratitude practice” by emailing a partner every day with a list of 3-5 things for which they are grateful. 

Card/Email writing
Choose one or two people you would like to know better, or whom you think might need a boost, and write them a supportive card or email message.         

What are your suggestions for keeping our Grace Community connected?


DHD said…
Florrie, this is an amazing resource. Thank You!
Missing seeing you in person, but feeling your spirit.
Florrie Munat said…
This website from Bainbridge Prepares contains lots of updates and community information, including services like curbside food and grocery deliveries.

Maggie said…
Good ideas here. I would add: consider listening to Seattle Symphony's special broadcasts via You Tube- right now there are about 5 minute long videos of individual players, sharing a tune (some as they shelter in place) and brief remarks. Pacific NW Ballet is also starting to provide access to archival videos. To your list of attractive contemplative practice I would suggest you add keeping a journal dedicated to this particular time of being sequestered.
Unknown said…
Appreciate the suggestions. I've tried several and a few are regular for me now. The undoing of this season makes room to set aside old practices and perspectives to try on new ones. :) A new journey with many layers, indeed.