A Blessing for Our Time Together Here

Welcome, friends.

One of my (Kim's) favorite things about working at Grace is recognizing a dear person coming through these big double doors.  The church building is a beautiful place in itself, but the people make it come alive.  This week, Grace was very quiet; most of our programming is canceled for the time being and our office hours have shrunk.  That's a good thing, because it means you are all keeping yourselves safe and protected from germs.  But more than ever in this time of anxiety, we want to stay connected in spirit.

This is one place we can do that!  It won't replace sitting across from one another, laughing or nodding as we listen to each other's stories, but it will give us a space to be together, away from the restlessness of news updates and alerts.  As a writer, I'm particularly delighted to think of the many stories, reflections, and prayers that will fill these pages in the days to come.  Please leave comments, send content, and share ideas for resources that will deepen our spiritual practices.
May this be a time of reaching out from our need and our abundance.

May this be a time of turning away from anxiety and toward one another,
honest in our fear and generous in our love.

May each day be marked by outrageous laughter and the dancing of our spirits,
even as we draw close in prayer and petition.

May every hour be a doorway into grace.

May our minutes be filled wisely and with compassion for ourselves and for each other.

May the silence hold good gifts for our imaginations.

May we hope boldly and comfort kindly.

May Love hold us tenderly.
Do you have a blessing to give to this community?  Please gift us below, by leaving a comment.