The Weather Changes Fast This Time of Year: A Letter to Kids and Kids-at-Heart

Dear Grace Kids and Friends,

Make sure you check the end of this email for three special messages.

It's raining, all my kids are home watching Harry Potter, and I heard a rumor we just might have snow soon!  Can you believe that?  Just a couple days ago, the sun was warm and the flowers were so bright, it felt like we were sliding right into spring!  I've always been flummoxed (puzzled) by spring weather.  It changes so fast--one hour you're hunting for your flip-flops and planting seeds, and the next you're dashing for your coat under cold rain.
I feel like this past week has been a lot like that.  It's not often in our lives that change happens quite so quickly.  I wonder how you're feeling right now?  Are you excited to have school off?  Sad to lose opportunities you'd planned on, like a sports game or a concert?  Bored already?  Maybe a little bit of everything?

My brother-in-law, Dr. L,  is a doctor here in Western Washington.  Just in the past week, he's been suiting up in those wild-looking protective gowns to give people coronavirus tests.  Last night, I watched him speak to a roomful of tweens and teens at a youth group.  They were asking him really good questions.  I watched his face as he listened carefully to each question and answered.  When things change quickly, it's good to be able to ask questions and get real answers!  It's also good to have someone pray with you, so I was happy when a priest read some of my favorite words from the Bible:
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.  God's peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.  --Phillipians 4:6-7
I wonder how those words make you feel?  (The priest said that God doesn't mind if we worry, because that's part of being human.)  But God wants to give us the kind of peace that doesn't change, no matter what the weather, or what's going on around us.  I wonder, if we could see that kind of peace, what would it look like?  A cloudless blue spring sky?  The Puget Sound?  My dog, sleeping at my feet right now?  What do you think?  Maybe it sounds like this song we sing at Grace:

Today is different than yesterday, and different even than the day before.  We won't meet at church like we usually do; instead, you'll worship at home with your family.  My kids and I will need to find a new rhythm to our days, just as your families will.  I've been thinking of you a lot, and remembering what we do every time we start our time together on Sundays.  We light a candle and we say, "We light this candle to remember that God is with us in this room, was with us yesterday, and will be with us always."  Amen!

Two Special Messages:
1.  We're all taking care of each other in special ways right now.  You have a really important role: Wren and I would love it if you wanted to make cards and special letters to send to some of our older friends who have to stay in their houses right now.  If you'd like to join Kids Connect and do this, have your parents email me!

2.  Pearle Paar has offered to take care of our sugar-snap pea plants that we started from seed in the classroom.  She will photograph them, draw some comics of them growing, and save some peas for all of us.  Thanks, Pearle!  If you have something you'd like to share with all of us on this blog--a piece of art, a song you wrote, a note, letter, or reflection, we'd love it!  Please send it to my email address

3.  Surprise! 😺 This special announcement is from Grace member Jenny Lange from Mom's Morning Retreat and you're going to love it, especially if you're crafty and creative:
With an extended school closure, many parents are wondering how to keep their kids feeling happy and occupied during this time.  At Mom's Morning Retreat, we've put together a Pinterest Board of some crafts and activities that we're planning to try.  At times like this, community is so important.  We might be home alone, but we're in it together! 
Check it out: