Reading the Gospel of John Together: A note from Jill Todd

As you all may know, Grace extended an invitation to read the Gospel of John together during Lent.  Folks who spend time with me know that I'm terrible with numbers, so splicing John into daily-readable sections with special attention to when they intersect Sunday's lectionary was tricky at best, and I spent some tortured hours muttering out loud as I plotted them out.  Wren actually paused in my doorway and asked me if I was on the phone.  I wasn't--I was just struggling with dates and chapter numbers!  (You can find reading schedules at Grace, and I'll also post the schedule very soon at the end of this post).

So imagine how delighted I felt when Grace parishioner Jill Todd described how excited she's been to read John this month!  She went above and beyond the suggested reading for the day, creating a binder for her readings and researching the disciple John--she even found art work! Here is a note from Jill herself:
I decided to use the suggested readings from John as my Lenten project.  However, both of my Bibles have very small print. So I found Bibles online and was able to print with a larger script. Then I got to wondering and found some information on the life of John. I put this notebook together and am enjoying my discovery of John. Did you know he was the youngest disciple?
Jill's John notebook
Friends, it's not too late to join us in reading this book together!  If you have been reading John, what is a verse, story, or phrase that jumped out at you?  Please share by leaving a comment, below.


Jon Q said…
In the paragraph introducing Jill's note and the beautiful portrait of John, "I'm terrible with numbers" jumped out at me. So am I! But I learned this year, while getting organized to read John's gospel, that numbers have symbolic significance within it. After the Prologue (the first 18 verses), comes a portion of the gospel that's been called "The Book of Signs," 1:19 to 12:50, in which the narrative provides 7 Signs of Christ's divinity. Then, in chapter 21 (an Epilogue), 21:1-14, the disciples' great catch of fish can be taken as the 8th Sign.
Kimberly said…
Oh that's great, Jon! I love the book of John but never thought much about the numbers :)! Thank you for helping me appreciate their significance.