"Met by Love:" A Note from Nancy Peregrine

I asked Nancy Peregrine, a Grace member of the Alder Tribe, if could share a portion of the email she sent to her fellow Alder members. She graciously acquiesced and added a fun idea--to read and participate, see the note at the bottom of this post.

From Nancy Peregrine, shared with love:

I hope this finds you well and safe knowing we are still connected and in community under God.  In these strange times, it is important to reach out to one another for support and/or real physical needs. Ever the optimist, I am sure this strange time in our history will be met by love and creative ways of being waiting for discovery. Certainly it is a time for prayer and contemplation communally and  individually, but also for the entire planet. Let us hold each other in love now more than ever.  We can do this together and emerge stronger and wiser than ever. 
Personally I am catching up on cleaning and clearing our spare room which I have put off for years because it is so daunting and cold down there.  For fun, I am continuing to write, sew, embroider and garden.  I am almost thankful for this time to be.  

Much love and many blessings,

Nancy's Fun Idea:  "It would be fun if we invited everyone to share a selfie of what they are doing during our "social distancing" so we are still social - just in a different way. That could go on the blog to so we share community in a whole new way.”  If you're interested in this, send your photo to Kim and she'll make a collage.

If you have a message of support, photo, or link to a resource you would like to share with our community, please email Kim.